I write and speak about Africa-China relations. I also run a social enterprise that aims to bring digital education to Ethiopia.

Both these endeavors are about providing access.

My Africa-China work is aimed at people who do not know much about the space. I have a book series called “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to China-Africa Relations.” The Africa-China space is relevant to everyone nowadays. Whether you are a European diplomat or an American aid worker, you need to grasp the basics of China-Africa in order to adapt to the future. If you are an African or Chinese government official, you need to know what’s been done and the role of your counterparts. That’s where I come in. I provide you with the essentials so you can build your understanding on a solid framework. I give you access to condensed, relevant information.

The social enterprise is about making sure that Ethiopian students have access to STEM content in their own languages. Like many students in developing countries, Ethiopian pupils work as well as attend school. If they miss school for whatever reason, especially their science and math classes, they may never catch up. Digitized content will meet them where they left off. With examples and questions that pertain to their own lives. In languages they understand.

Speaking of languages, in 2016, I published the first book in the world that teaches introductory Mandarin Chinese to Amharic speakers. Amharic is the official working language of Ethiopia. I guess this book is what initially connected my Africa-China work to my education work.

Phew! That was long!

If you read all that, we should probably talk. Send me a message or add me on LinkedIn below.

Speaking in French on Fenêtre sur Chine

Speaking in French on Fenêtre sur Chine

On June 5th 2019, I was invited by the vibrant French community in Beijing to discuss China-Africa relations. We paid special attention to how China is changing the dynamics in francophone West African nations, which are a part of France’s sphere of influence. While it is true that France still wields a lot of influence in these countries, West African governments are also taking advantage of Chinese loans, and West African consumers are increasingly exposed to Chinese companies like StarTimes.

I especially enjoyed this discussion because it was entirely in French. I began studying the language at age 19 and never thought that I would one day lead a discussion using it.

Attending Foreign Correspondents' Event with a star podcaster and a Netflix star

Attending Foreign Correspondents' Event with a star podcaster and a Netflix star